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Lead Concepts

Lead Concepts is a lead development company based in Dallas, Texas that helps realtors, various companies, insurance agencies, etc., market themselves with leads.

My Role

During the summer of 2022, I was employed at Lead Concepts as a marketing intern. I worked a full-time position helping the marketing team create various content from 4th of July social media posts, updated client’s marketing booklets, and a promotional video.

What I Learned

My work at Lead Concepts was extremely beneficial to me, from both a quality of work and a professionalism standpoint. While employed there, I learned a great number of new skills from my co-workers as they kindly took their time to show me new design philosophies, various tips and tricks in Adobe Photoshop, introduced me to new software, and guided me on how my work could improve that I would have never considered beforehand. Beyond my day-to-day work, my time at Lead Concepts helped level-set my expectations to what a real job environment was like. I was thankful to be a part of the team and spend my time helping everyone however possible.

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