SETS is a simple workout app designed to give a randomized list of workouts based on the muscles the user desires to target. SETS is a prototype of a workout app that is designed for both seasoned gym goers and beginners alike.

My Role

In my sophomore year, this was a solo project the entire semester in Advanced UX Design. The point of this project was to introduce us to Unity to make a fleshed-out prototype of an app.

Project Timeline

My first step was to create a concept document for the app. With it, I stored my research like things that I do and don't like about other workout apps, the purpose and goal of my app, and the look I was going for.

With all that information in mind, I began my wireframes. When making the wireframes, I wanted to pay careful attention to the things that I do and don't like about other workout apps. And while I did use concepts from other workout apps to carry over to mine, such as the workout explanations, I put a lot more thought into what I could change for my app that could set it apart from others. 

For example, I wanted my app to interface with the user immediately after booting up, letting the user get to the desired content quickly and easily. I made the decision that it would be more beneficial to the user in the long term for them to decide how much weight to use, with the app only telling them how many reps and how many sets to do those reps. This way the user can do their part to find the weight level they are most comfortable with on their own and can adjust as needed, instead of an app telling them to do it.

With the wireframes complete, the rest of the designing process was simple: create finalized versions of assets in Illustrator, record some videos, and write some content. With all my assets created, it was time to put it all together in a very unfamiliar software, Unity.

While I had tinkered with Unity a little in the past, this was really my first foray into the program. However, I didn't want my lack of experience in the software to hold me back from doing my best possible work. I buckled down and tried to learn as much as I could, from my friends, professors, and practice my skills on different projects outside of class. Not only was I able to implement my designs into Unity with proper functionality but was able to get a far better understanding of the software than what I had in the past.

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