Sherlock's Box


Sherlock's Box

This is concept work for a hypothetical AR game that I created called “Sherlock’s Box”. The game would allow users to enjoy solving digital puzzles and mysteries in the comfort of their own home. It is designed to be used with a VR/AR headset that can display the box and tools, while still allowing the user to see the environment around them.

My Role

This concept was made in my junior year and was a completely solo project. The goal of the project was to create a UI/UX high-fidelity prototype projection-based AR design using a user-centered design approach to create a high-fidelity AR design with Figma.

Project Timeline

This idea first started out from a very simple place; I wanted to play a game like it. I have always been a massive fan of puzzles and mystery, so the idea of solving one in AR sounded very appealing! 

With this being my second project designing for VR/AR I was comfortable with the design process for this type of game. Once research began, instead of focusing on how to design for an AR game, I focused on researching various puzzles and thinking of how they could work in a game.

To make sure I had a strong understanding of how this hypothetical game would work, I sketched out various aspects of the game like puzzle concepts and the clipboard, both to understand their function, as well as how their interactions could best be conveyed. I made sure to take careful note of things like hover states, responsiveness, and interactivity, as I knew factors like that would be pivotal for designing for VR/AR. When designing the screens, I often found myself cross-referencing my notes, and making sure everything was being properly portrayed in the screens. 

For the screens themselves, as this was only a concept and lacked various 3D models, I pulled the images of the puzzles from the concept drawing. I made sure that their perspective matched the background images, and that all the in-game visual responses were on display. With this, I was able to fully convey the game’s concept and the interface that would come with its AR design.

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