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Sometimes in my free time I like to video edit and make YouTube content as a hobby and other times I have made videos for school projects. While I don't do it very often, if I have a fun idea, I love to jump on top of it! I don't have any fancy equipment so I primarily film on my phone, record with a $70 mic, and pull my clips and music from online. From there I throw my content into Adobe Premier and get to editing. I've never been formally trained on how to edit; instead, I simply learn as I go and rely on my instincts that have been honed by watching YouTube content for ten years. Once the video is done, I simply upload it to my YouTube account and feel pride at a job well done!

Resident Evil 7 Video

That said though, if I had to choose a video that I feel the most amount of pride in, it would be my one hour analysis video on why Resident Evil 7 is one of my favorite games of all time. This was a passion project for me. The video took me all of winter break 2022 to create, as I spent every hour of free time I had writing, recording, and editing the entire project all on my own. It is the result of 40+ hours of hard work fueled by nothing more than the love of a video game that has given me so much over the years. I could talk forever about this video, my reasonings, and my love for this game but if you are interested in seeing the video for yourself, click here!

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